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9 Christmas Gift Ideas for your Horse

Christmas is a time to spoil your loved ones, and who else would be top of the list but your horse! If your horse could write to Santa, here are some of the things they might ask for… An Advent Calendar Why limit gifting to just Christmas day when you could treat your horse every day in the run up to Christmas? We stock a range of horse advent calendars with different treats inside, and your horse is sure to look forward to opening the window of their advent calendar... Read More


Introducing Houghton Country Riding Gloves 🤩

We are super excited to be launching our very own brand of riding gloves this winter! We are all keen horse riders here and know how important the right pair of gloves for horse riding is, whether you’re out hacking, schooling or competing. From thin second-skin riding gloves to thicker insulated designs, touch-screen compatible gloves to mesh designs for summer riding, there are lots of different riding gloves on the market. We have designed every aspect of these for how great they feel to ride in – for their comfort,... Read More


Houghton Country’s Christmas Gift Guide 2023

It’s that time of year again – the nights have drawn in, we’ve started arguing about putting the heating on, the Christmas songs have hit the radio… and it’s time to start thinking about your Christmas shopping list! Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for the horse-mad little one in your life, a gesture of thanks for your coach or yard owner, or something special for your horsey other half or best friend, we’ve got you covered. We only stock brands and products we love and would love to... Read More


It’s time for your veteran horse to live their best life with Saracen 🐴

Earlier this month, leading horse feed manufacturer Saracen introduced two new products to the market, formulated specifically to meet the needs of the veteran horse aged 16+. Older horses, whether they are still in work or are enjoying their retirement, have different nutritional needs from younger horses. For example, they may require additional calories to maintain their condition, be more sensitive to high sugar and starch content, struggle with chewing, require an extra palatable base for medication or supplements, and need extra joint or respiratory support. Veterans come in all... Read More


10 Top Tips for Surviving Winter with Horses!

As the nights draw in and temperatures drop, many of us will change our horse’s routines to keep them comfortable, fit and well during the winter. The winter is a testing time, with horse owners facing challenges posed by reduced daylight hours, freezing temperatures and wet weather. Those of us who look after our own horses day to day on a DIY basis sometimes might feel we need all the help we can get – as busy horse owners ourselves here at Houghton Country, we have come up with our... Read More


WIN a LeMieux Lumen Set 🤩

With the nights drawing in and horse owners forced to spend more time doing their chores or riding in poor visibility conditions, it is extra important to make sure you can be seen even in dim light – at sunrise, sunset, or against bright sunlight. LeMieux have released their Lumen collection to help amplify visibility in low light conditions, and we are giving one lucky winner a chance to win a Lumen set, including an Eleanor Reflective Base Layer, also available in Young Rider sizes, Eleanor Hat Silk, and a... Read More


It’s Clipping Time!

As the nights draw in and the temperature drops, horses grow a thicker coat to protect them from the elements. For horses that live out and are not in work, this thicker coat ensures they are kept warm enough and protected from the wind and rain, but for horses that are in work, the winter coat can cause them to overheat while exercising. Getting too hot while working will cause excessive sweating, which can lead to the loss of important electrolytes, dehydration, skin problems and increased risk of the horse... Read More


The secrets of new riding boots…

The time has come to invest in some new boots to wear while spending time with your horse – whether it’s tall riding boots, jodhpur boots or country boots, we’ve got you covered with top tips from trying them on to getting them home and enjoying them for years to come! What to expect from an in-store boot fitting We stock a huge range of riding boots, paddock boots, country boots and wellies – something for every equestrian or country occasion! All of the stock displayed on our website is... Read More


Trans-Seasonal Comfort from Horseware: horse rugs for every weather

The interchangeable, often unpredictable weather of early autumn brings the need for more careful consideration of what to rug your horse in. In the UK, a 24 hour period can see all types of weather, from torrential downpours to high winds, with the horse forced to adapt from frosty mornings to humid afternoons, whether they’ve had their first clip of the year or are still growing their winter coat. Keeping the horse comfortable during turnout, both dry and warm enough without overheating, can seem difficult when the weather is so... Read More


Guest Blog: Stay Focused This Season with NAF Magic

By Kate Hore RNutr(Animal) R.Anim.Technol (Cert). Head Nutritionist at NAF As we head into autumn, those chilled-out, hazy days of summer can seem a distant memory. Circumstances conspire which can result in a sharper, more reactive horse. Horses who have spent the summer living out 24/7 may now find themselves with increased time stabled, and a change of diet away from ad lib pasture towards more preserved forages and the need for bucket feeds. An unnatural diet can challenge gut health, leading to a dysbiosis (imbalance) of the hindgut microbiota,... Read More